Frozen Persimmons

Makes 4 servings
Time: about 2 hours, unattended

This dessert is literally a persimmon, frozen. But it's amazingly delicious-much like a sorbet, but with zero work. Getting your hands on ripe persimmons is actually the hardest part, but they make a wonderful, rare dessert. I wish I could take credit for the recipe, but it was actually Gary Danko's idea. It wouldn't work too well in a restaurant, because it is just too simple, but it's perfect for the home cook.

If you overfreeze the persimmons, just temper them in the refrigerator or at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.

4 very ripe Hachiya persimmons

1. Wash the persimmons carefully, then place on a tray or individual plates, stem sides down. Freeze for about 2 hours, until very firm but not rock-hard.

2. Serve, using a spoon to scoop out the stem and dive into the contents.